What People Are Saying

-Barbara V


"In a RUT! As a retro gym member, I was going to the gym regularly. I was looking to improve my body tone, endurance, and overall experience in the gym, but wasn’t getting any results! When I decided to train personally with Rick, he made sure to create an individualized diet and exercise regimen that fit into my busy schedule and body’s own needs.  Rick showed he was committed (as I was) to what I was doing by following up on the progress of maintaining those regimens.  During our training sessions, Rick ALMOST pushes to me to tears but then feel amazed at what I just accomplished!  Its hard work on my end, but it has been Rick’s dedication, commitment, and knowledge that has helped give me that extra push and get those results! Now I have a better understanding of my body and what disagrees with it, and a more toned physique which makes me feel stronger and confident."


-Barbara V

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