The Iron Titan

Overcoming the Iron

Whether its weight loss, weight management or proper weight gain we cater to all levels from beginner to advanced clientele. Receive personal training where the staff actually cares about your results and will keep you accountable.

Founded in 2015, the mission sought to merge the concepts of fitness & health along with the passion for bodybuilding and strength training. With so many disciplines like cross fit, boxing, HIIT, power lifting, calisthenics, etc- it's easy for anyone to get confused on how to properly train and diet to get results(and keep them too). Here's where our fine staff of personal trainers come to save the day!

By combining the basic principles of numerous fitness disciplines, you have a complete arsenal to ensure you get your results with the Iron Titan Bodies team! Learn how your body works, how nutrition impacts your everyday life and your results! We're dedicated to provide the guidance to change your life!

Check out our trainers and recovery specialists to get started!


  • RICK

Certification(s): AAA-ISMA, NPTI, CPR/AED

Accomplishment(s): Multiple Award Winning Bodybuilder

About Rick: A self-proclaimed underdog, I worked hard to change my life in hopes I can change others. As a child, I was heavy and not much of athlete, but I aspired to be more than average. I took control of my eating habits and created a work out regiment that would push me to never settle for less. In less than 2 months I lost nearly 23 lbs. I dreamed of becoming a personal trainer in hopes I can be instrumental to teach that struggle was only part of the process.

It is always about the commitment to my client's. I promise if you put 100% effort, I'll put 1000%, no one gets left behind!


  • Max

Certification(s): AAPT, CPR/AED

Accomplishment(s): Fat to Fit Transformation, 2x Physique Competitor

About MaxI wasn’t always into fitness. In my early 30's I was out of shape over weight and a complete mess. I battled with addiction to food and struggled with depression. Luckily a friend of mine asked me to join a gym. To make a long story short I was 250 lbs in February by the time it was July I was 190 lbs! I have a deep passion to just move, whether I lift or jump! It’s the only way I live now and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Through my experiences I know what is to get stuck and overcome difficult times. Putting one foot in front of the other we can accomplish anything! 


  • Carmen

Certification(s)Licensed Massage Therapy, Cupping Treatment, CPR/AED, NPTI

About CarmenI am a certified personal trainer, fitness competitor, and have been in the industry for nine years.  My passion for fitness came when I was struggling with my own weight and had very high cholesterol and diabetes ran high in my family.  After many failed attempts at quick diets, my physician warning me about getting my health in control.  I decided to get a personal trainer.  At that moment I decided this is what I wanted to do for others.  Educate others in wellness and good health.  

I am also a licensed massage therapist.  I specialize in deep tissue, sports massage, pre and post-natal, swedish, and hot stone. My passion allows me to provide comfort and relief to those suffering from any variety of symptoms.


  • Jamaar

Location(s)Off-site/Available to Travel


About Jamaar: Fitness and health has been a source of joy for me and a light during dark times. I do this for a reason, not just to help myself but to help others. I take pride in watching my clients get the job done the same way I get the job done! 


My overall goal is to impact the lives of my clients positively and develop long lasting relationships. At the end of the day fitness will always create family bonds!

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